As a new mom and a working mom, deciding on a daycare was a very important decision for my husband and I. We did our research and had a few appointments with places in the Worcester area. After meeting with First Friends staff and touring the facility it was a no brainer where we were going to send our son after my maternity leave came to an end. I was very impressed by the facility’s indoor and outdoor spaces. Indoor spaces were so clean which was very important to me – I walked into places saying to myself if I would not sit on the ground, I would not want my son sitting there either! First Friends passed that test with flying colors. It was clean from the lobby, the offices, and each of the classrooms in the building. I was also very happy to see their outdoor space. I can picture my son loving the play space when he is older and knowing he is in a safe and fenced area gives me peace of mind. I also love that they are on WPI’s campus so the children can go on daily stroller rides through a safe and well-maintained area. I love that he gets out of the classroom to get fresh air multiple times a week! Your children spend so much time at daycare (40 hours a week!) that you want to make sure they are surrounded with amazing people in an amazing environment. First Friend’s is just that – great people and a great place! Thank you to all the people that take such good care of our son!


Kate, Dan & Jack Mulrooney

Our son has been enrolled in First Friends for nearly two years and each weekday he is excited about going to “school”. He is treated well by the kind staff and engages in all sorts of active learning: chemistry, history, engineering, independent play, and more. He’s growing and maturing well; and his teachers are intentional about communicating regularly with us as we all navigate COVID. Finally, the leadership do all they can and sacrifice to keep our children safe. First Friends is a safe place to bring your children.

– B

I have had the privilege of having all four of my children attend First Friends over the span of 15 years. They progressed from classroom to classroom and by the end of their time with the amazing teachers there they were not only prepared for Kindergarten they were prepared to excel as members of the community. My oldest daughter has now graduated from college and I am sure her experience with Carla and the other teachers has helped her make the decision to work with young children as she chooses her career path. My youngest daughter is now 11 and still calls her First Friends friends her best friends even though they do not go to the same school now or see each other as regularly. This foundation has made a lasting impression on them and helped develop the building blocks of friendship and community that every child should experience. In short, First Friends has made a lasting impression on each of my children.

– C. Miller

Our 3-year old daughter has been attending First Friends since she was 10 weeks old, and we are very grateful to all First Friends teachers and staff for providing a safe, fun, and educational environment where she’s been able to grow and develop.

Our daughter talks frequently about her teachers and the friends that she’s made. She has developed strong language skills during her time at First Friends and particularly enjoys all the art projects and play time that she gets with her friends. We are confident that her time at First Friends is nurturing her self-confidence and social skills, providing her structured learning, and that she’s having fun and making great memories along the way!

We’re especially thankful for First Friends resilience during the Coronavirus pandemic. During the early months when the school was shut down, they used a mobile app to keep us connected to teachers and classmates, and provided much-appreciated daily activities. Since the school has reopened, they have done an amazing job keeping everyone as safe as possible while still allowing the kids to have fun and a sense of normalcy! We can’t thank the staff and teachers enough.

– Keith

First Friends has been a reliable provider for the past four years of our lives. They have been very efficient in my children’s care. They have become second family to my kids who love all the teachers and kids in this school. Highly recommend First Friends if you want to have your mind at ease while you are working. Thank you First Friends Family!

– S.L.

There isn’t enough time in the day to list all the wonderful things First Friends has to offer. My family was a part of the school for 5 years and we miss not being there every day! My daughter started in pre-school at 2.9 years old and my son was one and they grew so much while going through each classroom. While my daughter was just starting my husband was diagnosed with cancer and the teachers and directors were so supportive of both my husband and I and my daughter and her new normal. Despite the chaos at home, First Friends provided a stable, welcoming and comfortable place for her to learn. My husband passed away and my son started at First Friends two weeks later. Again, everyone could not have been more supportive and eager to help in any way that could. Because of that support both my children continued to thrive and grow despite an insurmountable loss. They were encouraged, supported, respected, loved and educated. First Friends became a home away from home and we looked forward to being there every day, either for school or camp. Even during the beginning of COVID-19 the school stayed connected; reaching out, sending videos and activities for the kids and continued to remind us that despite this crazy new normal they were still there. The reopening was seamless and as a parent I never felt uninformed and I was comfortable sending my kids back in. When the summer came to an end, and my son was about to go into Kindergarten, I think the only person that cried more than my kids was me! We all loved First Friends so much and miss seeing everyone every day! We can’t wait for camp and to continue the memories that we have made over the past 5 years.

– Courtney O.

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